The study abroad is conducted every two years during the Summer C session beginning in May and ending on July. The study abroad is part of the Comparative Study of Career and Workforce Education Systems course.
In preparation for the visit, participants begin researching and characterizing the American system of workforce education with particular emphasis on a component of interest such as secondary schooling, higher education, or adult education. Next, participants will establish a comparative frame of reference drawing from resources describing the German model. 
With this background, during the group study visit to Germany,  participants have the opportunity to gather on site insights on work, education, culture, and socioeconomic conditions. To this end, the typical program includes a series of lectures, company visits; and meetings with researchers, educators, employers, and policymakers.

Below is the typical schedule for the group study visit including travel days.
Day 1: Travel Day. Depart from the United States.
Day 2: Arrival in Hamburg. Arrive in Hamburg in the morning and tour the city center in the afternoon to get oriented and become familiar with transportation and local forms of operation, and visit sites in the area. Visit the Museum of History in the afternoon. The Museum of History will provide a broad overview of German history and specific insights on the cultural and historical development of the northern Germany region.
Day 3: At Hamburg. Visit to the Museum of Work in the morning. This visit will provide insights on the German approach to work, work ethics, organization, and contributions to the economy. Explore Hamburg in the afternoon.
Day 4: Travel to Bremen. Travel to Bremen by train in the morning and get familiar with the city in the afternoon to get oriented, become familiar with local transportation and forms of operation, and sites of interest in the downtown area.
Day 5: At Bremen. Day off to visit sites of interest in Bremen.
Days 6-10: Academic Program. The formal academic program begins with a tour of the university of Bremen and the Institute of Technology and Education (ITB) and includes a series of lectures, company visits, and meetings with educators and policymakers.
Day 11:  Cultural Exploration. The group is free to explore the greater Bremen area on their own after a week and half of acculturation and academic enrichment.
Day 12: Back to Hamburg. Travel back to Hamburg in the morning. In the afternoon, the group will be free to further explore Hamburg on their own and prepare for the return to Florida.
Day 13: Return Home. Depart from Hamburg back to the United States.