Thursday, July 3, 2014

Willkommen in Deutschland!

Victor Hernandez, Shetay Ashford, Mable Baker, Todd
Van Auken, Zachary Riffell, and Ansberto Vallejo
July 3, 2014 - Hamburg, Germany. Welcome to Germany! Mable Baker, Todd Van Auken, Ansberto Vallejo, and Zachary Riffell arrived early in the morning at the Hamburg Airport ready to get on with the program. Shetay Ashford arrived the day before and was already waiting for the group. Anita Lamoureux and Angelica Cruikshank joined the group later in the day.

With the group ready to go in the morning, we visited the Hamburg Museum of History to get some cultural background at the onset of the visit. Later in the day we explored the city center to get oriented and become familiar with modes of transportation and local forms of operation.

The Hamburg Museum of History was established at its current location in 1922, near the Planten un Blomen park in the center of Hamburg, on a section of the fortifications built between 1616 and 1625  to protect the city. The museum features collections and exhibits describing the urban development, the harbor evolution, trade, and everyday life and culture in Hamburg. As such, it provided the group with an illustration of how the city has evolved and helped everyone get a little bit of cultural and economic development background of the area. Later, we walked around the city center and visited the Hamburg Rathaus is—the city hall or town hall. The city hall is the seat of the government of Hamburg and constructed from 1886 to 1897. The Rathaus provides the space for governmental functions with the office of the First Mayor of Hamburg and the meeting rooms for Hamburg's parliament and senate.

As part of the city exploration, the group got its first taste of German food fare at the city center and later on at dinner back in the hotel where we were joined by Anita and Angelica. Willkommen to Germany!

See photos of the day here: